The Bigger Photograph

Last week, a Wednesday to be exact, was a national Let’s Talk day here in Canada. Β A day where if you are a Bell customer or anyone with a twitter account, can help “talk about mental health” When you text the will graciously donate a nickel to a mental health organization. Hashtag #letstalk and you’re spreading the word!Β 

You see this all the time, raising awareness for either cancer research, children in Africa and well the list goes on. Why this marketing campaign bothers me the most is because it’s obviously just that – a marketing campaign. Unlike any of the other fundraising techniques companies use, this particular one just simply tells you to use their service and ‘help’. Meanwhile they never actually mention the organizations that will be receiving the money, nor, do they ever go into what mental health is.

Mental health is way bigger then just depression. There are a whole range of disorders, that can easily affect anyone, any way at any point in their lives. Maybe I’m a bit bias, shouldn’t they use their power to properly educate first then donate?

Step Out

It’s amazing what can arrive in front of you when out step out and take a moment.

While others run fast, you can just shuffle with perseverance.
While others impress, you can simply press on.
While others stop for the dark, you can run through the dark.

She always speaks the perfect words.

…even if we feel and believe different things, her words just always continue inspire me to just keep going.

Deodorant selection.

Taking my boyfriend’s advice today – staying home and relaxing before a busy few days ahead. That being said, this is the most time in one day I have ever sat to a computer and surfed online. The last time I was this ‘relaxed’ was quite a few years ago when the Sims game first came out… yes, that was a few years ago.Β Anyways this came across my mind while writing for a future post.Β 

How does one explain OCD to person who is only aware of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by the few most common stereotypes?

Most of the people who know I have it, just go along with whatever. Actually they ask me what I suffer with, bring up someone who they think ‘has it worse’, then tell me it’s weird and that because this other person ‘has it worse’ then it should be easy for me to -GET OVER IT. How I wish it wasn’t so.

One of the examples I use is when it comes to picking deodorant. I use only Adidas, for the big factor that it doesn’t have aluminium which may or may not lead to breast cancer – but better to be on the safe side. Anyways, Adidas deodorant comes in two scents for women. I am guaranteed to forget which scent is negative and which one is positive. Every time I will stand there thinking about it. They both have weird sku numbers, which doesn’t help either. After deciding to finally go for one of them, (which ever one feels safer) I’ll have to walk back and forth to the isle multiple times after to switch because as always I second guess. Eventually I panic my way to the check out where I hope for the best.Β 

Yes. This is easiest/fastest example to tell people, which usually leaves a blank expression on all faces, except a few close people.Β 

Happy ending to this story though – I think I finally figured out which one is positive and have written it down for future reference. O my notes of fearful forget. That is for another post.Β 

What is your quick example for others? Or do you just walk away and don’t bother?

Later Diamonds xoxo