Question for your Monday.

Someone asks you a question in regards to your mental health (as in any signs you may show and can not hide) out of their own curiosity. You explain the situation to them on the best way you know. When they come back with a “O my it’s all in your head. Western doctors have to label everything. All you have to do is stop and it’ll be fine. You are perfectly normal and nothing is wrong”

How does it make you feel?

Please comment, and I will post my feelings later. Sorry, exam time is a crazy time.

Happy Monday!

The Transit Technique.

Cross the right foot tight to the left, then bring the left over the right and push in the “air” to complete two feet perfectly together. Don’t forget to start this when you see the train but it must be complete before the train meet you at where you stand on the track. If it is not in don’t to order god knows what may happen!
Also try your best to keep breathing calm breaths. You will not actually get hit by the train, and no one will push you. I know how you feel with the horrible images that rush to your mind (as the train high speeds into the station) of your body crushing between tracks and train, are painful and not avoidable. Remember it only lasts a minute and standing far, far back from the yellow line will keep you safe.

I Promise.

No hassle-free refund here.

When facing a confrontation, (after much severely stressing about it) the Tourette’s appears in full force. So not only am I stuttering, but twitching too. My words never come out as they are intended and usually ends with me crying like a five year old who was just told Santa isn’t real. Somedays I wish Tourette’s weren’t real.

Perfectly silent. Perfectly still.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek was a game I can safely say, was not meant for me. As a child, it wasn’t until the moment my mother walked straight out of the house, interrupted a game, yelled “horrible brats” at some other kids, that I realized why I was always chosen to hide, and always the first one out.

On the bright side, she never was one of these mother to loose a child in a store. Just stand still and – listen.

At least until my sister was born.

Earliest story.

Dad would always tell the story of how my sister and I were so different from each other. He could fold my sister into his arms like a sweet package. When it came to me, there was no chance in hell you were getting any cuddle time. Even today, space is key. I’m a twitchy woman you know, this requires more space then cuddling provides. I read in a book once it’s one of the early signs of Tourette’s, that and a love for cash registers. How I love a good old button cash register.