Awake and Breathing. Finally.

Spring time is finally here!

I don’t think anyone could not feel happy around this time of year. This spring may even beat Christmas in happiness after this past winter. Though its still very chilly the sun is shining brighter for longer, which makes me happy. This year I’ve been too busy to let my body feel that horrible sadness of vitamin D deficiency. There have been bad days but a lot fewer then previous years. School is going well and I have strong hopes that it will opens doors for me. 

I know it’s been a while. I will spare you the excuses, but delight you with – “school is coming upon it’s final couple of weeks, where I will have a full two weeks to catch up with life” The urge to push this blog somewhere is at the front of my mind (mixed with the laws of Canada and other exciting school things etc etc)

Happy Spring ladies and gentlemen!

Nakita XO

Question for your Monday.

Someone asks you a question in regards to your mental health (as in any signs you may show and can not hide) out of their own curiosity. You explain the situation to them on the best way you know. When they come back with a “O my it’s all in your head. Western doctors have to label everything. All you have to do is stop and it’ll be fine. You are perfectly normal and nothing is wrong”

How does it make you feel?

Please comment, and I will post my feelings later. Sorry, exam time is a crazy time.

Happy Monday!

The Bigger Photograph

Last week, a Wednesday to be exact, was a national Let’s Talk day here in Canada.  A day where if you are a Bell customer or anyone with a twitter account, can help “talk about mental health” When you text the will graciously donate a nickel to a mental health organization. Hashtag #letstalk and you’re spreading the word! 

You see this all the time, raising awareness for either cancer research, children in Africa and well the list goes on. Why this marketing campaign bothers me the most is because it’s obviously just that – a marketing campaign. Unlike any of the other fundraising techniques companies use, this particular one just simply tells you to use their service and ‘help’. Meanwhile they never actually mention the organizations that will be receiving the money, nor, do they ever go into what mental health is.

Mental health is way bigger then just depression. There are a whole range of disorders, that can easily affect anyone, any way at any point in their lives. Maybe I’m a bit bias, shouldn’t they use their power to properly educate first then donate?

Crazy People

Lately I have come across a couple situations where people who work with people in mental health and addictions, voice opinions not knowing who they are talking too. They express that they feel, people with mental health issues are doing/saying freak things, or that we are all crazy.

Now I know a money chaser when I see one, so generally I feel sad for them and do my best to not take it personally.

But it does raise the question. How can we trust that change and awareness will come if some of the very people we have trusted to help us in bringing that to light, if they don’t feel it can happen themselves?

These “money chasers” sure act .. What do they say? O yes, crazy.

Genetics can speak louder then words.

I was going to write about what OCD is, and how exactly it affects me, but then came across this tidbit and thought I’d share this first. As if it were a backstory. When I was in the middle of being diagnosed of having OCD, the therapist thought that I could have Obsessive Compulsive personality Disorder.

She feels that from the description of my parents that they are who’d I’d directly recieve it from. From the idea that they’d both would possibly have OCPD (they haven’t been diagnosed themselves) or from growing up around them and picking up their habits.

For me it wasn’t the case, but it was a nice eye opener.

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)
The majority of people with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) do not have OCD, although these disorders are commonly confused. People with OCPD have personality traits reflecting extreme perfectionism, indecision, preoccupation with details and rules, and must have things their way with family, friends and colleagues. In addition, people with OCPD show excessive devotion to work and are often considered “workaholics.” They are over-conscientious and show little expression of affection or enjoyment with others. People would also recognize the person with OCPD to be “stingy.” While most people with OCD may report having one or maybe even two of these traits, a diagnosis of OCPD requires that the person have five of these traits and there are clear and important differences between these two diagnoses.

CAMH Toronto

Later Diamonds xo