My name is Nakita, like the Elton John song not the show. I was born the year the song made it to tv 1986. Though born in a city I was raised on an Island. Keep this in mind for the stories I’m about to tell. I have mild Tourette’s syndrom, and not so mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Why am I telling people now? Well I’ve worked hard the past few of years, to ‘self-cure’ or how I like to tell myself ‘ going through complete torture to get over it already’. To no ones surprise it has not really worked. In all my readings I have found that OCD is something well described in word, but never actually talked about. Never something talked about among each other. Well, mental health is something we all need to talk about. Starting here today, is a small project, or maybe just a form of entertainment for my own peace of mind. By writing about the things I’ve done in the past, to the things I do now, hopefully I will learn to breath and live – fully. Let it be known – I AM NO DOCTOR! I grew up with this, unknown to what any of it meant, and only became diagnosed at 18 (Tourrette’s) and then at 21 (OCD). PLEASE don’t assume because you have a one or two things like me, that you have OCD, though maybe now you have something to talk about to your doctor rather then that lump in your throat that just won’t disappear.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has a better explanation of what OCD, as well what other mental health disorders are about. Let’s start talking about mental health in the right way. Also as I am almost never offended please ask, ask away.

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