I love new things, but sometimes taking a few moments to shift through things can bring back mixed memories. What I was cleaning was my “google search” findings. Ever Google search yourself? Sometimes things can resurface after a few years have past. What I found appearing on the first page of my name was an old blog. I created it as a lifestyle/fashion blog, and well — it never made it past 28 posts. Anyways I saved some of the lovely photos I had posted on there before deleting the blog completely. (it was a happy moment, the blog happened around some trying times that I’m pleased are behind me!) 

These photos are ones I must share again. They are screen shots of a family film a cousin of mine made. Dad’s side of the family mostly, but of course, being from the small town Mom makes her appearance as well. Hope you enjoy them almost as much as I do.

My favourite photo, my grandmother. She past a few years ago, and not a week passes when I don’t think of her for guidance.

Have a super awesome Friday night! Also hope your country does well during the Olympics, despite all the controversy. 

Later Diamonds xo


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