It’s never too late to wish someone some good old fashion happiness! Hope you’ve had an amazing holiday season, and that the first week into 2014, and brought you nothing but excitement and inspiration to carry until next year.

It has been the busiest holiday season since a few years. If you me follow on Instagram you would have noticed that my sister was up, along with her husband, visiting from Halifax. Also there seems to be a never ending amount of ice, snow, and the most interesting of shoppers.ย 

Anyways – to top of the past two months, this week I have officially started school! Something major I have learnt about myself, I have become too comfortable at my current job. The very things that were driving me to go back to school, are the very things I want to go back to. The anxiety has been on over drive; all this newness is coming very fast. It has made this week very long, and very tiring. That being said, the beautiful people in my life have been very supportive in their own way this week! I keep going in everyday despite the strong urge to turn around at the doors and go back to bed. Thank you!ย 

“final goal, final goal, final goal.” 1 week down, 18 months to go. Bring. It.


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