You know – THAT day!

That type of bad day where everyone is cheering about something, yet all that seems to be happening to you, is anything but happiness. The past week and a half has been on and off (mostly – ON) for being in a horrible mood. It usually has my franticly thinking, what did I forget in my order, or what object did I move at home, what bad word was said, karmakarmakarmakarma. Every time I get excited about something, it never goes well, so without bitterness (or too much of it anyways) I just try to stick it to the back of my mind and wait until that great thing arrives. Well today’s moment wasn’t that great, but it really made me feel better, even it is just a pair of fuzzy slippers.ย 

Beside some of my co-workers, even the customers have been treating me in such a way, I was really starting to take it all personal. Then after a quiet moment during a short shopping break, I saw these slippers that would be really funny for the boyfriend, the simple act of kindness would also cheer him up during his mid-terms. With that I realized, tho I’m still slowly shifting through life, I have to get over myself if I think people really are out to get just me. After break I heard from a few co-worker their crazy customer stories.

Anyways point is I already know this week will be better because I found something to smile about. That being said, my camera isn’t working properly (Christmas deals are close though, who see new camera on the horizon ?!?) so it’ll be a little while longer before a speaking video is up. My laptop did manage to find old videos off my phone though, so I played around with a couple of clips of my cat Mr. Sushi and will post it hereย of course.ย Who knows it may just brighten a moment in your bad day!

Later Diamonds xoxo


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