Look who’s BACK!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I have returned. I know it’s been way too long, but in all truthfulness – my boyfriend’s laptop kicked the bucket, so now I have my own laptop. (We share a lot, but that’s what it’s all about yes?)

Quick update – I now live with my boyfriend and his brother, an adjustment for sure – especially when you’re a person who needs to know where every item is and who dislikes people moving around those item without one’s permission. It’s been an experience for all three of us, but can gladly say it didn’t turn out so bad.Β 

I have a laptop… did I mention that? fyi – it’s my first one ever, 90’s child right here. Point to this is that now I’ll be posting more regularly. I have been working on a couple of future posts, that I think you’ll all enjoy reading, and have been making a stronger effort to keep to my word.

I have also decided to try and make YouTube videos, because I can’t spread my uniqueness enough. Serious – I tried shooting a little Instagram video of the sewing/fashion section in my living room, and my noise kept taking over. When I would replay it, there would be a sound more like I had a serious case of gas enough to take away from the point of the 11s video. I felt really dumb, I hate being bullied and this surely was just calling for it — then it hit me, who gives a flying duck. I am addicted to YouTube and watch countless others really show themselves and do well with feedback. Why not try it myself. It actually scares me so much I have serious chest pains, but I promise right here I will do my best and give it a try. I’ll link when the first one is up!!!!

That’s about the major changes since my last post. Finding happiness in the smallest of things really help calm my mind. I have meditating again, another major help. Just learning via the interweb how to do it without losing concentration every 2min. We must start somewhere, so why not the deep end!

Later diamonds xo


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