Let’s Trade Eyes, If Only For a Day.

Take a deep breath in and trade eyes.
I’ll take yours and you take mine.
I’ll live your life and you’ll live mine.
I will try my best to understand you if you do the same for me.
I will let your body move like it does, and you can do the same.
For the first time ever I will understand what it means to be still, for not just a moment, but a full day. To not worry about such little things, like a horrilbe thought, and just run with a clear mind, and a to-do list of the days events.
For the first time ever you’ll understand why you miss phone calls from strangers, and what it’s like to sit in a public library and have people shh and stare as you uncontrollably make that weird noise you’ll be forced to make.

I will miss my eyes and beg for them back.

Hopfully, you will learn to laugh as I do, and see life is better then you believe it to be now.
To appreciate what you have and cherish it before you have lost it. It is not an easy lesson, I understand, but one worth learning.
So take a deep breath and take my eyes, only for a day.


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