I keep Scotch in business.

My thing for stickiness began as far back as I could remember. I had a massive sticker collection as a child. It was super easy to collect them. Especially when I started school. It was early 90’s, just before the debut of that silly fad – Pog. Unlike most of my friends who, operated on a ‘normal function’, I didn’t set out to collect just one or two kinds of sets. (Trolls, Barbie, or the fuzzy cats and dogs) Nope, I enjoyed collecting any new still-on-the-sheet stickers, as my favorite part about it all was the sticker peeling off of my index finger. That feel of stickiness leaving me to the photo album. (a super organized by shape, subject and colour photo album turned sticker book – of course!)
I did the same thing with glue. Mostly white glue, sometimes hot glue – it really depended on the type of craft. Pour, dry then slowly peel. My sister joined me for a bit with the glue, then she graduated from Kindergarten and that was the end of that.

Today I…..stick…. mostly to tape. Throughout the years I’ve tried to convince myself it’s ‘negative’ but it never worked. I see a tape dispenser, then must take a piece.

O! The greatest was one particular day, about 2 years ago, I arrived to the cash desk at work a see one of the cleaners, aggresivly scrapping layers of tape stuck to the counter. One of my co-workers kept repeating “who the hell does this? You clean it, and two weeks later it’s all back. This pure craziness!!” –as I’m typing this, I’m laughing as hard as I did then. I straightened up and replied “Retail can drive the best of us loony” and walked away before they could catch me blushing. Since then, I simply, place the tape onto the edge of the garbage can. Sometime tho, when not focused, I’ll leave the trademark of 1/2″ piece of sticky heaven on any flat surfice nearby.

(in case you were wide awake and curious)
Take a 1/2″ of tape (any kind will do, but the sitckier – the better obvs)
With it stuck to your index finger, use your thumb, of the same hand, and roll the tape back and forth over the finger.
Feel the mind clear, like a fresh new day πŸ™‚


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