Living in the Nude.

Nude bras. It’s the only colour (or lack of) that will match everything. I can not by any means leave the house unless everything works with … Everything. My lingerie in someway matches my clothes with in turn match my socks. This is why I wear mostly dresses and jeans. Any colour top works with denim, and dresses already come with matching colours. Makes it easier so I head to bed at an earlier time.
God forbid I go to sleep without tomorrow’s outfit picked out. I’ll sleep in of course and we can’t have that!!
If I run out of matching extras I’ll buy more undies/socks. It has cost me in the past – but at least it’s not wasted on something like booze? A better investment – yes?


2 thoughts on “Living in the Nude.

  1. Hi, thanks for this interesting post. My brother used to have OCD. He cured it with taekwondoe. He found his inner self and his confidence. I’ve heard that one of the reasons for OCD is that the sufferer feels the ritual gives them control and it makes them feel safe. Try and wearing mismatched underwear and see how it makes you feel, and ask yourself why you feel that way. Hope this helps. On my blog is a video “Be Happy, All Day Every Day” where a child dances in front of the mirror reminding herself of all the things she likes about her life and herself. I recommend trying this and I want to!

    Also, you may find this blog a helpful support.

    • He used to? That’s great! I’m happy your brother found something that works for him.Still working on that part myself. I’m picking up running soon. I walk alot – just need to kick it up a notch. Sometimes I do try to force myself out of that comfort zone, but ‘breaking the rules” I find it stressfull to the point of chest pains. I will keep trying tho, and one day will be rid of it, just like your brother. Thank you for the tip, and I’ll check out the links! πŸ™‚

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