You see that? Sitting over there?

Or do you at least hear that. It’s like, well – it could be described as any possible thing really, but it’s.. it’s coming from that girl over there!?!

I’ve been noticing people commenting on my noise a lot over the past couple of weeks. Why my twitching and noises are more predominate now could be a list of things. Moving, hunting for a second job…just a whole bunch of NEW. It doesnt’ matter. I’m feeling much happier lately, and that is what truly matters. So why is my body acting out. I feel relaxed, still it runs with a mind of it’s own. Most days I forget I have Tourette’s, (ocd – a completely different story. ‘It’ reminds me every 45min, and that’s on a good day)

Then again…

I saw a film with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago, and had to sit next to two girls clearly posing as young women. They hushed and giggled periodically throughout the film, while trying not to appear too obvious. I sat through the film, and took in a great time with my gentleman (and Josh Duhamel!) without reaching over and slapping them. Maybe I had hopes the door heading out would complete the job for me.


A few days ago, a woman came to my cash to pay her credit card bill. She stopped mid sentence to ask if I were hungry. I smiled and replied with my usual comment whenever people bring up food “I’m always hungry!!”. “It’s time for your break then” she replied. There was a moments glare then returned to why she came to me in the first place. I was disappointed only by the fact that she did not to offer to buy lunch for me. Why else would you bring up a complete strangers hunger if you were not going to purchase lunch!!

I do feel happy, but have no idea why my body is showing high stress recently, and just don’t care. That is how it is, to me and to the people who surround me. Though are my hopes to high for mankind? To think that when we see others (that are just too cool for words) we must have an reaction. If this is what is happening to me I feel for others who have it much worse then I do. Who don’t feel as accepted and cherished as I do. Who is not as wealthy in awesome people I have surrounding me.


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