To take the purse or not to.


Spent 25 minutes this morning debating on using this purse. I couldn’t remember if it was a positive purse or a negative purse. I remember only one good time with my friend Jenya while carrying this purse, but I decided anyways to take the risk of possible negativity.

A promise to myself I made this year, more risk taking.


One thought on “To take the purse or not to.

  1. I take a long time making decisions like this, too — when I buy something, when I decide what to wear for the day, or when I’m deciding what I want to eat. People noticed this about me long before I truly suspected OCD; people noticed that I did things slowly, but didn’t really know why.

    I don’t have a sense of, “positive” or “negative” exactly, but I feel the need to think everything out rather meticulously. Usually there’s some psuedo-logical reason which in my mind is practical, but perhaps doesn’t truly make sense.

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